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Art in the Abandoned: A Photography Exhibit by Dawn Buckley

Friday, May 5, 2023
10:00 am4:00 pm

Art in the Abandoned
A Photography Exhibit by Dawn Buckley
Open to the public during business hours through May 31st.

Dawn Buckley lives on South Manistique Lake with her husband, Frank, and Llewellen Setter, Charley (who makes her photographic debut in "How Much is That Doggie?")

Interested in art her entire life, Dawn has dabbled in pen an ink, basketry, stained glass and pottery, as well as oils, acrylics, and watercolors. She has used her creativity locally by making signs/posters, photo boards, backdrops and scenery for musicals, plays and Follywood. Dawn is an active member of the Erickson Center Fine Arts Committee, and has had various works of art displayed in the Waterfront Gallery for several years.
This is her first photography exhibit.

Art in the Abandoned
Creating visions of the memories, possibilities, and dreams held within things left behind.
• An oil drum holds the delicate strands of a spider web
• A discarded night light longs to be a free-spirited papillon.
• A tractor's skeletal remains recall a father introducing his son to farming.
• Bluebirds frolic among antique car frames.
• Discarded gum adorns a red brick wall.
• Ephemoral Trilliums dance before a rusty dashboard.
• Corrugated aluminum comes alive with color.
• Red boots miss playing in the snow.
• A engine housing awaits the birth of new life.
• A sweet, wide-eyed puppy beckons a playmate.
• Surrealism overtakes a trashed camping trailer.