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The Erickson Center for the Arts’ Board of Directors is very grateful to ­all our donors, near and far, for their enduring support. Our efforts continue to further the vision of the Erickson Center as the heart of Northern Michigan’s cultural and artistic activities.

The majority of our operating budget relies on the financial support of our donors. Thousands of hours are donated by over 120 dedicated volunteers to ensure that financial donations from individuals, organizations and businesses make the Erickson Center for the Arts a successful organization.

Our goal is to develop additional events, classes and programs to better serve you, your family, friends, future generations and the Curtis community. However, it will take continual funding to accomplish these goals. Whether you are a year round, seasonal resident of our community or a visitor who vacations in our area, your donation will support a cause that will enrich the mind, body and spirit of many. Thank you for your financial consideration. Your generosity will help make the Erickson Center for the Arts a source of pride for all of us.

Erickson Center Endowment

To promote long-term financial sustainability, the ECA Board of Directors established the Erickson Center Endowment Fund. Donations to this fund are never spent but accumulate and grow over time utilizing various investment strategies. Our endowed fund uses the earnings in accordance to our board approved spending policy for these funds. The donations (principal) are not used. Once a fund is endowed, it is endowed forever and cannot be changed.

Many donors favor contributions to an endowment fund as they can be reassured that their contributions will help to generate needed revenue for the Center for years to come. If you are looking to contribute to the Center in a way that helps insure the long-term sustainability of the Center, you may want to consider the Erickson Center Endowment.

Please consider us in you estate planning as well. Information regarding the tax-advantages of planned giving is readily available on the internet.