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Above the Bridge Songwriters Weekend #2

Sunday, June 12, 2022
8:00 am12:00 pm

The Above the Bridge Songwriter's Weekend is an all inclusive weekend workshop held at Chamberlin's Ole Forest Inn. Weekend Two features Award Winning musicians/ songwriters Sunny Wilkinson, Mike Latini, Joe Latini and Jamie -Sue Seal.

Weekend Two - WORKSHOPS
Becoming A Showstopper Songwriter - What kind of song makes you break the speed limit, sing at the top of your lungs, or cry your eyes out? What is it that causes you to claim your sisterhood or brotherhood with these songs? For some songs, it's a certain component that has been inserted and specifically designed to illicit a reaction. You too, can create those moments in the music you write with the magic of a few delicious and dynamic elements. - Workshop Leader, Jamie-Sue Seal

Jazz Fuel For Your Songwriting
Cross the genre barrier and add some jazz language into your songwriting. In this
workshop, you will learn about jazz phrasing, chords, rhythms, and improvisation, and how to inject these elements into your songs. - Workshop Leader, Sunny Wilkinson

Recording Your Own Songs - This workshop will provide a basic overview of home studio recording with a focus on creating demos of your original songs. We will discuss the few pieces of equipment needed to build a basic home studio and the various DAW Software tools available, including a demonstration of Apple’s Logic Pro.
- Workshop Leader, Joe Latini

Freight Yard Katie & Friends
We’ll be talking about developing characters and plot lines in story songs, both comedic and dramatic. Using examples from some of Mike's own tunes, and also from the works of great songwriters we all admire. We’ll consider how rewarding it can be when a songwriter steps outside his or her own head and becomes or creates a whole different person in his song.
Think “Pancho and Lefty”, “Millworker”, “Angel From Montgomery”, so many others…
- Workshop Leader, Mike Latini

Call the ECA office 906.586.9974, or Kelly Chamberlin for more information 906.586.6000.
See links below for registration forms.
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