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Above the Bridge Songwriters Weekend #1

Saturday, June 4, 2022
8:00 am10:00 pm

The Above the Bridge Songwriter's Weekend is an all inclusive weekend workshop held at Chamberlin's Ole Forest Inn. Weekend one features Award Winning musicians/ songwriters Pat Bergeson, Annie Sellick, Amy Petty, and Andre Villoch.

Weekend One - WORKSHOPS
How To Write Melodies To Your Chord Changes And How To Write Chord Changes To Your Melodies
This workshop will explore chord progressions that sound like songs, and melodies that sound like songs, and how they can work together by using chords from a major or minor key, and also how different phrase lengths can add variety to your songwriting.
- Workshop Leader, Pat Bergeson

Group Songwriting - Let's Write A Song Together!
Annie will use improvisational games, word association and voting in her workshop to create a song written by the group. You’ll have a chance to see how your co-attendees think about songwriting and get new ideas for your own approach. You’ll receive an mp3 later in the week to remember and commemorate this fun workshop! - Workshop Leader, Annie Sellick

Performing Between Songs: How a confident stage presence can improve the energy of the gig
How to keep the audience engaged during all the little moments in between the songs. From the moment you step on the stage to song intros, funny stories, and how to entertain while tuning, or when you break a string. - Workshop Leader, Andre Villoch

Confessions from Amy Petty aka Serial Killer, Bank Robber, Scorned Lover
You've confessed it all, bared your soul, spilled your guts and told your truth. YAWN. It's not that you're not totally are. But think of all the shady, complex, nuanced and sensational characters whose stories have yet to be told. Let's discuss how to become those characters, tell their stories and write their songs. Your audience would love to meet them.
- Workshop Leader, Amy Petty

Call the ECA office 906.586.9974, or Kelly Chamberlin for more information 906.586.6000.
See links below for registration forms.
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