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Young Professionals Benefit From Nonprofit Board Experience

The torch is passed to a new generation of board members. Nonprofits are looking to young professionals to fill recent vacancies on their boards. There are several reasons that this can be beneficial for both parties. Young professionals offer a fresh look at challenges, programs and needs in the community. They understand technology and can help nonprofits navigate what’s helpful and what’s a waste of time. Young professionals can breathe life into an organization and attract fellow young volunteers.

So what’s in it for the young professional? Here are just a few reasons to consider serving on a board.

Nonprofit boards are filled with doers, movers and shakers. These are the successful businessmen and women that you can learn from both as a citizen and a professional. Often volunteer connections play a role in getting a great job. Having these people in your corner will give you top-notch connections that you don’t have in your other professional network.

You’re at the beginning of your career and looking to climb that corporate ladder. As a member of a nonprofit board, you’ll be elevated to management, making business decisions that impact the success of the organization. You’ll build tremendous leadership skills and have the opportunity to try on several business hats that your current position may not allow. Who knows, you may find a new passion.

You’ve chosen to call this place home. What better way to gain a deeper understanding for the greater community. You’ll be amazed at what happens in your own back yard and you may just find work in what you discover.

At the end of the day, you’re impacting a cause you care about. Before deciding to join an organization, make sure you care about the mission and bring that energy they expect so you can truly make a difference.