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No Sandy Beaches in Your Future? Volunteer this Spring Break

Spring break season is upon us and if you haven’t planned a getaway, there’s plenty to keep you busy. No matter your age or interest, there’s plenty of ways you can volunteer for spring break and improve your community. Here are a few ideas for all ages.

Impressionable Children
Children like to emulate those they look up to, and that includes you as their parents. If you model for them the importance of volunteering they will be more likely to volunteer throughout their lives. Talk with them and find an activity of interest. Maybe it’s volunteering at a local animal shelter to work with animals; or maybe your local parks department good use some help in planting flowers or cleaning up trails. While you may not get a spring break anymore, take a day to spend time volunteering with your kids.

High School Students
Rather than hang out at the local mall, consider finding an organization that operates a spring break program for kids. High school students make great role models for kids. Even if you spend just a few hours of your spring break helping others, you’ll feel you’ve had a productive spring break.

College Students
While you’d rather be at a popular spring break destination with friends than stuck at home, make the best of the situation. Round up a group of friends and help at a soup kitchen, nursing home or mentoring program. While you’re doing some good, you’ll also give your resume a boost. And next year consider a volunteer vacation where you can get away and give back at the same time.