10th Annual North of 45 Writer's Retreat

Friday, May 3, 2019
8:00 am7:00 pm
  10th Annual  North of 45 Writer's Retreat

North of 45 is an all-inclusive, 3 day retreat in Curtis, Michigan with workshops
presented by well-known authors, poets and writing instructors:
Rob Ritchie, Amanda Zieba and writer/North of 45 director, AnnMarie Rowland.

The North of 45 Retreat for Writers will celebrate its 10th year May 2 – 5 in Curtis, MI with its primary sponsors, Chamberlin’s Ole Forest Inn and the Erickson Center for the Arts, hosting. Additional support comes from local, regional, and individual sponsors.
The all-inclusive retreat features workshops taught by notable authors to challenge and encourage writers of all genres and levels of experience. Participants have opportunities to read their work aloud and receive feedback from their peers that is both affirming and constructive. North of 45 Retreat attendees enjoy stretches of time to relax, write, or simply enjoy the company of other writers.
Any adult who has a passion for writing, a desire to pursue the craft, or who feels a need to get away from the distractions of everyday living to explore and/or indulge their interest is welcome. “The retreat is for adults who write, or are interested in writing,” said AnnMarie Rowland, who has directed the retreat since its inception in 2010. “Whether it’s poetry, fiction, or non-fiction…whether you’re a well-published author or just beginning… North of 45 is a ‘safe’ place for you to stretch yourself as a writer.”
Leading workshops for the May 2019 event will be Rob Ritchie and Amanda Zieba.
Rob Ritchie is a three-time novelist, prolific songwriter/poet, freelance editor, and insightful teacher. His quiet demeanor and keen wit create an atmosphere of safety for writers of all levels. He’s back by popular demand to again encourage writers of all genres. He resides in Wiarton, Ontario.
Amanda Zieba, a self-described Word Nerd, retired from teaching school, after 18 years in the classroom, to devote herself to writing full-time. She has written for very young readers, middle grade readers, young adults, and adults. She’s a regular blogger, a chocolate lover, and a writing coach. She believes everyone has a story to tell, and has a lot of tools to help construct it. Her home is Tomah, Wisconsin.
AnnMarie Rowland is a columnist, poet, songwriter, writing workshop leader, and touring musician. In addition to the North of 45 Retreat for Writers, she is the director of Johnathan Rand’s Author Quest; a camp for young writers, and Word Compass Retreat for Writers. Her work appears regularly in several regional magazines and newspapers. She lives in Coldwater, Michigan.

An Authors’ Read will take place at the Erickson Center on Friday, May 3rd at 7:30 pm as part of the event, when North of 45 Retreat staff writers will read from their own work. The public is encouraged to attend the free, family-friendly event.
For more information about the North of 45 Retreat, to register, or to become a sponsor, please contact Kelly Chamberlin, 800-292-0440.