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Practice Tolerance This Holiday Season

The holiday season has arrived, and along with it can come added stress that only comes this time of year. Whether you’re hosting the annual holiday get-together or packing for a long trip, each occasion can throw you out of your element. But try to remember the true reason for the season this holiday. Use the first week of December, National Tolerance Week, as a reminder to help make the world a better place by always demonstrating tolerance. It’ll help make you more aware of issues in our everyday lives, and to be more tolerable of others in the future.

Tolerate Actions
We all go through crazy times where we feel like we’re losing our minds. Maybe you lost your keys and found them in the fridge. Or maybe you completely forgot that you had started the washing machine and you left your laundry sitting for hours. Just like we go through some crazy times, so does everyone else. You never know what others can be going through, so show some tolerance when they make you mad with their forgetfulness or when they do something that you don’t agree with. They will be grateful for your tolerance toward their actions, and hopefully show some tolerance toward you in return.

Tolerate Change
Change is never an easy concept to accept. But change is something that oftentimes you have no control over. This year, if your sister was asked to host the holidays instead of you, or if your holiday traditions are changing, it can be a tough concept to swallow. But just remember that change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Take this concept with you after the holidays, and always remember that without change there would be no opportunity to improve. You can make a difference by changing something in your life that you’re passionate about.

Tolerate Ideas
If everybody agreed on every concept we would live in a dull world. You’ve been hearing for years that everybody is entitled to his or her opinions, and they are. Just because the idea is new to you doesn’t mean it‘s wrong. But it also doesn’t mean that you have to take their side. Sometimes it’s better to just agree to disagree. By tolerating other’s ideas, you are helping pave the way to a more accepting and loving world. So open up your mind to new ideas this season to help make the world a better place.