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August is a Month to Celebrate

We turn our calendars to August and we realize summer is nearing an end. Soon, children will be hitting the books, leaves will be under our feet and tailgates will be the weekend norm. Before the entire month slips away, consider celebrating a few of these August holidays with family and friends.

Happiness Happens Month
Happiness seems to be a moving target in our lives. But at the end of the day, most people report that good health, functioning relationships and satisfaction with how they spend their time, often associated with their work are the keys to happiness. Some may say that happiness happens when you’re having fun. So take time this month to recognize when you’re having fun. Plan happiness events with family and friends; and even take it the office. This can make you physically and mentally healthier. Volunteering can also provide opportunities for happiness to happen.

National Farmers’ Market Week
There are thousands of Farmers’ Markets across the nation and most offer locally grown fruits, vegetables and other handcrafted items. While you should visit your local farmers’ market frequently to get the freshest seasonal foods, August 7-13 is National Farmers’ Market Week so make sure you are getting out and enjoying the weather, company of others and the freshest food around.

World Humanitarian Day
The United Nations designated August 19 as World Humanitarian Day in 2008. The day recognizes the humanitarian needs worldwide and the need for cooperation internationally. The UN wanted a public way to explain what humanitarian aid work entails and remember those who have lost their lives in humanitarian service. You can observe the day in numerous ways including contacting public officials to show support and organizing or attending public events featuring humanitarian work.